Skin Care Not For Men: A Myth!

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It is a complete myth that skincare is not suitable for men. The fact is that skincare is applicable for all skin types, all ages, and all genders. Yes!! 

Men should also take care of their skin regardless of their busy day in the office. 

Reasons Why Men Should Also Use Skincare:

There are a lot of reasons why men should take care of their skin too. Not only women, but even men are also prone to acne. They expose their skin to the sun. Skin damage is common to both. The following are some of the reasons why men should use skincare too:

  • Acnes tend to get intense when your skin is exposed more to pollution, that is why men must use a pharmaceutical-grade facial cleanser. This will help in their skin improvisation. So, adding it to men’s skincare routine is cool.

It helps to exfoliate and refresh your skin. Toners & stringent will help in complete dehydration of the skin. Choosing the best astringent for acne and using it on a regular basis will show gradual results on the skin.

  • A major concern for both men and women is aging. As compared to women, men show early signs of aging. This is another reason why men’s skincare should be encouraged. It may help their skin breathe without any wrinkles and facial lines. More to the point, moisturizer is a good choice for such problems. This will increase collagen production in their skin.

Anti-aging eye cream is also a good choice to use. Consulting a dermatologist in advance is always a good option. Depending upon the skin type, you can pick the types of skin products and their use. Age control night cream for men is for sure more effective.

  • Protecting the skin is also a major concern. More than women, men tend to expose their skin more to the sunlight. Gradually, more damage can happen to their skin.

By applying sunscreen, men can prevent the damage. It may not show its results overnight, but gradually. Men can prevent both UVA and UVB rays from destroying their good and healthy skin.

  • More than women, men have more sebaceous glands and are quite large. This will cause the face to look oilier and also the skin will be more exposed to polluted air.
  • Shaving often removes the upper layer of the skin cells. And when it comes to the oversensitive skin, it can face more problems later. Therefore, it is always better to start basic skincare beforehand.

Bottom Line

Let us break the myth that SKINCARE IS NOT FOR MEN! Both men and women deserve to have healthy and good skin. So, it is important to take good care of our skin and eat healthier to live and look healthy.

So, what are you waiting for now? Just try to figure out your skin type today and get a good night cream for your face accordingly. If you treat your skin well, it’ll treat you longer – giving you a healthier glow to cherish and flaunt around. 

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