Exfoliation and Scrubbing: Unleash your natural beauty by following correct skincare


Exfoliation is the process of getting away with dead skin cells. The next obvious question is, why
bother exfoliating? Exfoliating and scrubbing help get rid of the dirt, clogged pores, supports other
skincare steps in your routine. The best skincare products you use for the face might be
ineffective if your pores are clogged! Scrubbing helps the product to get absorbed better and hence
brings glow and improves the skin texture.

Types of Exfoliation: Physical and Chemical

Physical exfoliation comprises rubbing or scrubbing the layer of dead cells with a facial scrub,
loofah, dry brushes, DIY scrub: all of these count as physical exfoliation.

How to Physically Exfoliate?
Scrub the top layer of skin with pumice stones, loofah, dry brushing, or your freshly whipped scrub
in an upward and downward motion. Don’t overdo it.

In addition to being easy to carry out, physical exfoliation can be done at home, and it’s relatively

There is, however, a darker side to this, which is over scrubbing. Human bodies are designed to
move at their own pace. The dead cells on its surface do peel off on their own. Occasionally, you
may need to intervene. Over scrubbing can damage the skin’s protective layer. Moreover, if you
are too lazy to apply moisturizer, your skin is much more likely to be damaged.

Chemical exfoliation involves the use of acids to get rid of dead skin cells. Since there are acids
involved, it comprises various concentrations of chemicals. The low concentration is readily
available in the form of facial cleansing gel and likes. On the other hand, a certified skincare
professional generally applies the high concentration variant in a chemical peel.
In case you are wondering what the acids involved are, they are- AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid), BHA
(Beta hydroxy acid), PHA (Polyhydroxy acid). Start with a low concentration and slowly increase
the acid concentration as you acquaint your skin with the same.
· Stimulates production of new collagen
· Improves hydration in the skin
· Helps fight early signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles.
· Gentle on skin
Chemical exfoliation may leave the skin dry. This is where moisturizers come to the rescue.

Exfoliation: Doing It the Right Way
Know your skin type. The way a night cream for dry skin differs from the one for combination
skin, you can’t scrub your face with any given product labeled facial scrub.
Do you have any history of hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, or the likes? It is best to consult
your derm doctor. Are you consuming healthy CBD drinks? Let the doctor know to prescribe
the best skin care products for you accordingly. Before you apply anything to your skin, it is good
to do a patch test.
Read the labels, read the ingredients. Be mindful of the product ingredients and even the expiry
When whipping a homemade scrub from this random picture you saw on the internet, be aware of
the source of information. You cannot believe advice from self-acclaimed skincare experts in one
second when you have been super careful about your skin all your life.
Also, do not exfoliate with a facial scrub daily.
The bottom line is dead cell buildup, giving birth to numerous skin concerns such as clogged pores
and dull skin color. However, if you assess your skin’s requirements well, scrubbing and
exfoliating can make your skin youthful and glowing.

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